Champion Boxer and World Series Poker player Christina Kwan!

Christina Kwan is a World Series poker player and Boxing champion who has taken her experience in the ring and at the tables to a new level in how to relate those lessons in business and how to market yourself. She is deeply emerced in the Auto industry by helping companies market themselves. She builds cars and boats and has some great inspirational thoughts. All the way from Las Vegas Nevada, Christina Kwan!

Ford vs. Ferrari, spoiler alert!!! we break down the story and the movie.

We went to theater and watched the movie. we discuss the true story of the war between Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II. Spoiler alert, we discuss the whole movie, including the end and what we liked and didn’t like.

Who says batteries are a non starter- we talk the SEMA show and Battery health

In this Episode, we discuss Mark and Hunter’s recent visit to Vegas for the SEMA show and We talk to Jeff Barron (Managing Engineer at Interstate Battery) about you Cars charging system and when to replace your Battery. Sponsored by Motul USA.

2019 Best of Episode! Best content from the last 24 episodes

It’s Been one year and Mark and the gang are going stronger than ever. Here are some of the highlights from 2019.

Episode 22- Lets talk to Germany and see how they deal with cars

We speak to Marks family in Germany and discuss rules of the road in Germany and how people buy cars and what’s important to them in Europe.

Brakes- Everything you need to know!

This episode we discuss brakes and all the ins and outs of your brake system and the differences between emergency brakes and parking brakes as well as ABS brakes.

Gary Palmer from Motul talks all things motor oil- Episode 20something!

Mark, Erin and jay talk to Gary Palmer, local race car driver and Northeastern Rep for Motul Motor oil.

Holiday Road! Road trip tips and more! Episode 20 something!

This episode we are joined be Andrea Montante and we discuss road trips for the summer as well as tips for your trip and cool road trip movies and why is Vinyl coming back?