Episode 19- Spring car care tips / chop sticks and super hero movies

On this episode, we discuss spring car care tips, why you shouldn’t drink chocolate milk and eat donuts at the same time and super hero movies.

Episode 18- Podcasting down at the Auto auction and interview an auctioneer!

In this episode, Mark, Erin and Jay talk about our new sponsor Motul motor oil, talk about Marks first Cruise and sit down and chat with a auctioneer at the worlds biggest Auto auction all this while having a beer in the lobby of a Hampton Inn in Manheim Pennsylvania at midnight on a Thursday!

Fact or Fiction? We become myth busters about car!

On this episode, Mark, Erin and Jay discuss car fact or fiction. Do cars really explode like in the movies to everyday car operation questions. We try to answer these questions and more.

Episode 14- much to do about everything!

On this weeks episode, we talk about electric cars, not falling off a cruise ship and why cars are so darn fussy in this cold weather. Jay L. is back in studio with us.

Episode 12- Auto Dealer Prayer Breakfast!

A wonderful disscussion with Charlie Craddock, a local Car dealer who started a Prayer group for car dealers 18 years ago. Listen to him tell stories about how he started this awesome Prayer group and other fun stories.

Episode 10- Which Gasoline should I use? That is the question!

A conversation about Gasoline for your car. Regular, premium or high test and what about ethanol and diesel. we answer some of these questions and talk about food!

Episode 8 – Distracted driving and DWI w/ special guest Police Chief Sam Farina

Its that time of year again, Holiday parties and the temptation to drink or the constant texting this time of year could result in distracted driving. Join us along with Police Chief Samuel Farina of the Fairport Police Department as we discuss the statistics and gain some insight into the scary world of drinking and driving.

Episode 7 – Auto Auctions and how they work

A disscussion about Auto Auctions with Mark, Jay, Erin and Andrea. With over 30 years working with auto auctions, Mark breaks down how they operate and why they are so important.